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20.06.2017: Eye contact

New photos on the kittens page.

12.06.2017: WOW did you see those pictures??

New portrais on the kittens page. Wow! Some pictures :)

05.06.2017: Cool cat

Check out todays portraits on the kittenspage ;-) Wink wink ;-)

20.05.2017: Top model

Milano was more than ready for todays fotoshoot. The same could not be said for all the others, and you will see the results on the kittenspage :-)

14.05.2017: Luna is helping out with the kids

"Aunt Luna" is a welcomed guest in the kittenbox and gladly assists the mother with the small ones. Watch the kittens page for updates and more pictures!

24.04.2017: New Arantos litter

Allmost exactly one year after the previous litter in our cattery, Elsa gave birth to six kittens. The front cover cat Pinky is their dad and we believe they will be both charming and beautiful. The litter had 3 boys and 3 girls, but unfortunately we lost the smallest boy after a few days. This is their pedigree.

Mom and kittens Daddy and mommy The small darlings

02.08.2016: The kittens are moving to new homes

Zoey is moving to her new home in Oslo Arya is moving to her new home in Bergen Isak is doing great at Mosjøen

11.07.2016:Updates and pictures of the fabolous five to be found here:

27.06.2016:Updates and pictures of the fabolous five to be found here:

19.06.2016:New pictures of the fabolous five to be found here:

27.4.2016:Noelle gave birth to 6 kittens. Unfortunately one did not make it, but we present the "fab five" here.

5.12.2014:We present (N) Stølsgardens Noelle! She will be moving in with us just before Christmas.

5.12.2014: Zannah has gone through surgery, and there was found a piece of an exercise mat in addition to a huge hairball in her stomach. She's currently on the road of recovery, and will probably be completely fine :-)