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2017: Five italians

Allmost exactly one year after the last litter, on april 24th, Elsa gave birth to her first litter. Pinky, the cover boy, is their dad so the pedigree is nice.

Status june 20th. All are booked.

Status june 12th

Status june 5th: Roma and Venezia are available

Status pr may 28th: One month old allready

Status pr may 20th: Four weeks on monday

Status pr may 14th: Three weeks tomorrow

Status pr may 7th

The five small ones are two weeks old tomorrow. They have opened up their eyes and they all seem happy and healthy. Elsa Cilla is a marvellous mom. Here are some pictures from today:

Here is a picture of the newborn kittens with their mom:

More pictures to come!

2016: Faboulous five

April 27th Noelle and Trisses lovely kittens were born. They have a great pedigree which you can see here. In fact Trisse recently became "Supreme Champion", the highest title possible. We are soo proud of him! You find pictures of Trisse here.

Status pr july 11th: Arya (reserved), Isak (reserved), Luna (stays), Snow (stays), Zoey (reserved)

Status pr june 27th: Arya is reserved, Isak is reserved, Luna has interests, Snow has interests, Zoey has interests

Pictures taken june 19th, 2016:

Pictures taken june 15th, 2016:

Pictures taken june 3rd, 2016:

NO*Arantos Arya NFO n 22 (available)
NO*Arantos Isak NFO w (sold)
NO*Arantos Luna NFO n 22 (interest)
NO*Arantos Zoey NFO n 22 (interest)
NO*Arantos Snow NFO w (interest)

2015: Leo og Noa

De to flotte guttene NO*Arantos Leo og NO*Arantos Noa ble født 12. juli 2015.

Stamtavlen ser slik ut: PawPeds



N*Arantos Noa NFO ns 03 23

Mamma og pappa

Gutta boys

N*Arantos Leo NFO ds 09 23


Stolt pappa

Som far så sønn :-)